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Bengaluru, Karnataka-560076
Magic Yatra a travel agency
MagicYatra is a tour discovery platform, where travellers can find the best tour packages for domestic and international locations. It is also an online marketplace connecting travellers with travel providers.

Problem: Magic yatra, an online travel booking website, was experiencing slow page load times and a high bounce rate. Users were abandoning the platform due to the slow speed, and this was affecting the client’s revenue.


We were approached by Magic Yatra to help them optimize their existing platform. We proposed a three-phase approach to improving the platform’s user experience and performance:

Phase 1: Analysis and Planning
Our team started by analyzing the existing Magic Yatra platform to identify areas for improvement. We conducted a thorough review of the platform’s user interface, backend infrastructure, and performance metrics. Based on the analysis, we developed a plan to optimize the platform and improve user experience.

Conclusion: The optimization project was a success for Magic Yatra, with the newly optimized platform improving user experience and increasing platform performance. The platform’s search functionality was improved, and users could find tour packages more quickly and easily. The recommendation engine was also enhanced, providing more personalized recommendations to users. The platform’s page load times were significantly reduced, resulting in faster page load times and a smoother user experience. Overall, the Magic Yatra platform was able to provide a better user experience, improve performance, and meet the expectations of the clients and the users.

Phase 2: Development and Optimization
In this phase, our team worked on implementing the improvements identified in the planning phase. We optimized the platform’s search functionality, improved page load times, and enhanced the recommendation engine. Our team worked extensively to improve the design of the website alongside improving the functionality. We also made backend infrastructure improvements to support the platform’s performance.

Phase 3: Testing and Deployment
The final phase involved testing the newly optimized platform and deploying it to production. Our team conducted extensive testing to ensure that the improvements were working as intended and that the platform was performing optimally. We also worked with the Magic Yatra team to guide them on using the new features and ensure a smooth deployment to production.