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Emberspot – a Seventh-day Adventist
Emberspot - a Seventh-day Adventist Dating site that uses an algorithm to match users with the right people

Problem: Ember is a dating platform that caters specifically to Seventh-day Adventist singles who are looking for meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. They want to create a platform that offers personalized matches to users based on their preferences, interests, and behaviour. However, they lack the technical expertise to build a complex algorithm that can accurately match users with potential partners. They needed 7effects to help them design and develop the platform.


7effects proposed a comprehensive solution that included the following steps:

Requirements gathering: Our team conducted extensive research to understand the client’s requirements, target audience, and business goals.

Conclusion: The software development company successfully delivered Ember, an online dating platform that meets the client’s requirements and business goals. The platform receives positive feedback from users for its personalized matching algorithm, user-friendly interface, and overall user experience. The client is able to attract a significant user base and generate revenue from subscription fees and provide a safe and secure online dating environment for Seventh-day Adventist singles.

Algorithm design:
Based on the research, we designed a complex algorithm that takes into account various factors such as user profiles, behaviour, preferences, and interests to generate personalized matches.

Testing and validation: We conducted rigorous testing to ensure that the platform is robust, scalable, and secure. They also validate the algorithm’s accuracy and performance by comparing the matches generated by the algorithm with user feedback and behaviour.

Platform development:
Our team built the platform using modern software development practices and technologies such as cloud computing, microservices architecture, and machine learning.

Deployment and maintenance: The company deploys the platform on the client’s servers and provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that the platform remains up-to-date, secure, and bug-free.