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Problem:7effects was approached by a client who wanted to develop a custom portable device that would allow event organizers to live-stream events in full 360 degrees. The client required a reliable and user-friendly device that could be taken anywhere and allow audiences to view events from any mobile device.


Our team of developers designed and developed 360xStream, a portable device that can be taken anywhere and used to live-stream events in full 360 degrees. The device features 360-degree video recording capabilities, and specialized software stitches the video streams together in real-time to produce a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

The device is equipped with a cellular system that utilizes multiple cellular carriers for a reliable stream, ensuring that viewers can access events from anywhere. To provide high-quality sound, the device includes two external microphones that capture sound from the event and transmit it to the viewer’s mobile device. The device also includes a backup recording feature that enables event organizers to record their events locally for future use.

Conclusion: The 360xStream device is a revolutionary product that enables event organizers to live-stream events in full 360 degrees, providing an immersive and engaging experience for viewers. Our software development company successfully delivered a portable and user-friendly device that features 360-degree video recording, remote audio, backup recording, leads generation, and revenue generation. 360xStream is a revolutionary product that has the potential to change the way live events are broadcasted and experienced. It provides an immersive and engaging experience for viewers, and event organizers can use it to generate leads and revenue from their events. 7effects is proud to have created the first of its kind in the world!

The device is fully battery-powered and built to allow streaming for up to six hours. To make it easy for event organizers to manage their events, the platform includes a self-booking feature that allows organizers to create as many events as needed on their own. The platform also includes a leads generation feature that enables event organizers to view contacts for all registered event viewers, making it easier to generate leads and follow up with potential customers.

To enhance the viewing experience, the website for 360xStream was developed using Laravel framework, allowing for easy management of event bookings and leads generation. The recorded videos can be downloaded in high quality using the Wowza player, while the cross-platform content playback is made possible by using Theoplayer.