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The development of the CemView360 website

Problem: Funeral homes and memorial product suppliers frequently struggle to give their clients a simple and thorough understanding of the products and services they offer. This could result in customer and supplier confusion and miscommunication. The team at CemView360 set out to solve this issue by creating an online store that would make it simple for customers to learn more about their products and services and make purchases online.


We used a number of technical tools and procedures to create the CemView360 website. In order to determine the essential website functions, we first examined the client’s requirements and specifications.

The website’s user interface was created with the end user in mind, combining latest design concepts to offer a simple and user-friendly experience. To make the website accessible and easy to use on any device, we employed responsive web design approaches.

Conclusion: The conception and implementation of the CemView360 website was technically challenging and called for a variety of technical competence and careful attention to detail. However, 7effects was able to exceed the client’s expectations by providing a top-notch e-commerce marketplace.

The end result is a user-friendly platform enabling funeral homes and memorial product suppliers to showcase their products and services, increase accountability, and improve the customer experience. Customers can quickly buy things online as a result to the website’s strong e-commerce features, significantly simplifying the buying process. This project serves as an example of our proficiency in web development and our capacity to offer our clients creative and efficient solutions.

We used a combination of technologies for the website’s backend, including PHP, MySQL, and Apache, to give a reliable and efficient framework for developing the required features and functions. In order to make the front end of the website interactive and visually appealing, we also employed HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

We also put in place a strong e-commerce platform, including a shopping cart, product pages, product categories, integration with payment gateways, shipping, and order management.

We put in place a number of security measures, including secure login authentication, encryption of sensitive data, and server-side validation, to make sure the website was safe and secured against potential cyberattacks.

After the website was created and tested, we offered the client training and documentation so they could manage the website on their own. In order to maintain the website’s smooth functioning and security, we also provided continuous support and maintenance.