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Bengaluru, Karnataka-560076


Development of a website for Awana, a global ministry focused on evangelizing and disciplining children and youth.

Problem: Awana needed a website that had a modern design, was user-friendly and easy to manage and update content. In addition, they also wanted their website to be optimized for all mobile devices. Awana required a website that could provide a seamless experience for their users.


Our team designed and developed a website for Awana using the WordPress content management system. We worked closely with Awana’s team to understand their specific requirements and goals for the website. The development process involved several stages, including:

Discovery: The development team conducted research on Awana’s target audience and identified key features and functionalities required to improve the website’s user experience.

Conclusion: 7effects successfully designed and developed a new website for Awana that provided a seamless user experience, improved engagement, and improved performance. There were various steps to the development process, including discovery, design, development, testing, and deployment. The website was created with the WordPress content management system and is mobile-friendly. The project demonstrates our expertise in website development as well as our capacity to provide high-quality solutions to charitable organisations such as Awana.

Design: Our team created a modern, responsive, and easy-to-navigate website design that was optimized for all devices. We also ensured that the website’s design was aligned with Awana’s branding guidelines and conveyed the organization’s mission and values.

Testing and Deployment: Our team tested the website’s functionality, security, and compatibility across different devices and browsers. We also deployed the website on a reliable hosting platform to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Development: The 7effects team developed custom WordPress plugins and integrated third-party tools to provide a seamless online donation process. We also optimized the website’s code and content for faster loading times and better performance.

Awana’s website provided a seamless user experience and addressed all of the requirements, including clear and organized navigation, optimized content, and a streamlined donation process. The website also featured a responsive design and was optimized for mobile devices, resulting in a significant increase in traffic and engagement.